Projects under development

TV series

Screenplay by Fátima Ribeiro
TV series, 6 x 55 min.

Screenplay by Luís Alvarães
Telefilm, 3 x 45 min.


Directed by Catarina Gomes and Paulo Porfírio
Documentary feature film

Feature films

Screenplay by Fernando Vendrell, Filipe Santos and João Canelo
Directed by Fernando Vendrell
Tudo é Paisagem is a feature film about José Saramago’s career, from an almost unknown writer to an internationally acclaimed author, with the publishing of his novel Levantado do Chão.

Screenplay by Fernando Vendrell
Based on the novel Corpo Delito, by José Cardoso Pires
Directed by Fernando Vendrell

Screenplay by José Barahona and Possidónio Cachapa
Directed by José Barahona
Project financed by IBERMEDIA and ICA

Screenplay by Paolo Marinou-Blanco
Project financed by IBERMEDIA and ICA