Directed by: Raquel Jacinto Nunes

Written by: Luís Mário Lopes

Short film, 2004

Far from everything, surrounded by empty fields, Maria is a toll collector at a highway exit where cars only pass occasionally… and often by mistake. One day, a more abrupt gesture causes her glasses to fall and the lenses to break. Her myopia envelops her in a mysterious and beautiful diffuse world that had always been there but which she had never noticed.

Maria falls in love with a traveler, Mário. Everything seems perfect, but after some time, he insists on taking her some place else. For Maria, this thought is inconceivable. Her whole world is there. Mário returns. She insists that he must not come back. Mário’s van skids off the road. Maria dances with him, knowing that we are forever condemned to be one half of an impossible dream.



Lisbon Village Festival – Lisboa, Portugal

Prémio Tóbis, Melhor Produção Portuguesa


11º Festival Ibérico de Cinema – Badajoz, Espanha

7th International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers of Film and Vídeo – Grécia

XII Caminhos do Cinema Português – Coimbra, Portugal