3 Mulheres

Directed by: Fernando Vendrell
Original idea: Fernando Vendrell, Elsa Garcia
Writers: Fátima Ribeiro, Luís Alvarães
Series, 13 episodes x 50 min., 2018

3 Mulheres is a fiction series based on the biographies and cultural and civic involvement of poet Natália Correia, publisher Snu Abecassis, and journalist Vera Lagoa (pseudonym of Maria Armanda Falcão). It recalls the last years of the Estado Novo regime (dictatorship) between 1961 and 1973, from the beginning of the Colonial War to the eve of the Carnation Revolution. The intertwined paths of women like Snu, Natália, and Maria Armanda and their actions are examples of courage and commitment to the future.


Magnolia Awards do Shanghai TV Festival (China), na categoria Série TV Estrangeira – junho de 2019.

Globos de Ouro – SIC